Team Quality Services (TQS) helps companies solve quality issues. Our purpose is to help people and improve lives. Here are three ways our onsite quality liaison services can help improve your quality of life.

  1. Reduce Costs

An experienced quality engineer can help your team proactively get ahead of quality-related issues before they turn into large-scale, costly problems. Onsite quality representation becomes your first line of defense in response to quality issues. They are your right-hand soldier trained to know your parts and processes and can ensure new product, program, and platform success. They can also help reduce quality-related risks and help protect your relationship with your OEM, keeping everyone happy and truckin’ along.


  1. Less Travel Time

Having a rep onsite reduces the amount of travel time and costs for everyone involved. Let us be there so you don’t have to be. Our onsite reps are knowledgeable, professional, skilled, and personable. With TQS, you can rest assured that they will execute processes and procedures correctly and that you’ll benefit from the expertise of our quality control professionals. Less travel time means more family time, more time for passion projects and hobbies, and more time to enjoy your quality of life while we manage quality control.


  1. Effective Communication

We are proactive — it is crucial to the TQS team that we ask questions and dig deep upfront so that we can proactively prevent any quality issues from occurring. And, if any problems do arise at the OEM, your onsite representative can address them in person, face-to-face, negating communication errors, delays, misunderstandings, and continue being a present, collaborative representative of your operation. With Qnet, a proprietorial cloud software, we’re able to provide suppliers and liaisons real-time information about field quality issues as they arise – keeping the lines of communication open, transparent, and fast.

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