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How is Team Quality Services different from independent contractors?

With over 25 years of experience, TQS has over 220+ Team Members spread across more than 145 service locations, with 5 facilities across North America.

Industry leaders across all sectors choose Team Quality Services for their on-site quality control support

See how Team Quality Services compares against Independent Contractors

TQSIndependent Contractor
On-Site Coverage
to Monitor Your Parts
Global Presence
150+ OEMS Locations (and counting!)

Typically Local to One OEM Location
Real-Time Issue Notifications
Push Notifications, Emails, and Text Message Alerts immediately when an issue is identified.

Issues are typically communicated via phone or voicemails messages
Extended Production Coverage
Teams at each location to provide uninterrupted coverage

Individuals have limited ability to cover backshifts and weekend production
Vacation Coverage