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TQS liaisons are your first line of defense against customer quality issues. With coverage at OEMs across North America, TQS liaisons provide you:


Advanced technology for connected and responsive reps.

Network of Liaisons

Coverage & penetration across OEM locations.

Single Vendor/Provider

Unified reporting and billing — making your job easier.

24/7 Support and Immediate Response to Quality Concerns
Real-Time Reporting through QNET
Coverage at OEMs across North America
On-Site Investigation & Fault Analysis
Critical Information Distribution to Other Liaisons
Established, Professional Relationship with OEM Personnel
Trained to Understand your Parts and Processes
Participate in OEM Staff Meetings
Scrap Claim Monitoring and Negotiation
Assist with Special Shipments
Help Coordinate Sorting and Containment

Locations Across North America


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The QNET Advantage

Real-time Information
Critical Information Distribution
Interactive Quality Issue Dashboards
View Quality Issues By Plant Location, Issue Type, or Corporate Division

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