Line walks for proactive monitoring

Skilled negotiation and fault analysis

Real-Time Reporting via Qnet™

Finding solutions for recurring non-conformities is overwhelming.

We partner with you for on-site quality support to ensure your product launch is successful.  It’s our mission to do the work to make your work/life balance better.

Here’s what you can expect:

On-site Investigation & Fault Analysis
Established, Professional Relationships with OEM Personnel
Proactively Identifying Quality Concerns
Participate in OEM Staff Meetings
Real-Time Reporting via Qnet™
Critical Information Distribution to Other Liaisons
Coordinate Sorting & Containment
Scrap Claim Monitoring & Negotiation
Training to Understand Your Parts & Processes
Assist with Special Shipments

We’ve made reserving support online easy:

When you hire TQS for quality support, you can expect long-term solutions to your core quality issues, increased cost avoidances, and peace of mind come the start of production.

We’re at the OEM, so you don’t have to be. 

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