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Four questions you must ask your Quality Liaison / Resident Engineer


Key takeaways:

  • The right Quality Liaison / Resident Engineer will save you time and money
  • A resident engineer that has a network for handling quality issues is one of the most important factors in quality management success as a tier 1 supplier.
  • It’s important to know who is going to cover for your resident liaison when they’re on vacation or out of the plant for an extended period of time.

The bottom line: If you’re tired of getting “normal” answers, it’s time to engage with Team Quality Services to always get the best answers for all of your Quality Liaison / Resident Engineering needs in North America and Europe.

How do you report quality issues?

The “normal” answer:

We report directly to you any problems that arise via email.


The best answer:

In addition to your chosen method of communication, we have implemented Qnet™ as an efficient and reliable platform to facilitate seamless interactions with you. Through Qnet™, we offer the convenience of connecting via email or push notifications through our dedicated mobile app. This ensures that you receive prompt updates and relevant information regarding your quality issues.

To further enhance our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have developed proprietary software that enables us to issue Quality Alerts. These alerts serve as an effective mechanism for reporting any potential issues or concerns to other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across North America and Europe, particularly in relation to the parts that you ship to them.

By utilizing Qnet™, we proactively identify and address any challenges that may arise, promptly notifying other resident engineers within the OEM network. This proactive approach not only ensures transparency and accountability but also allows us to maintain strong relationships with our OEMs.

Through these comprehensive communication channels, including Qnet™, email, push notifications, and Quality Alerts, we strive to foster a seamless and collaborative environment for effective information exchange and timely issue resolution.

Do you have resident engineers at other OEMs that I ship to?

The “normal” answer:

No. We only have me, so when I’m sick or need to go on vacation, you’ll need to find someone else to cover your quality issues.


The best answer:

We’re proud of our extensive on-site presence, successfully established in every automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) across North America. This initiative simplifies your experience by consolidating various aspects of your business interactions. You can confidently rely on us for all your invoicing, customer service, sales, and management needs.

Our dedicated teams within each OEM ensure accessible and responsive services. This localized approach allows us to understand each OEM’s unique requirements, providing tailored solutions and personalized support.

We’ve designed a robust network and management structure to anticipate and address disruptions. Even if your resident engineer is absent for an extended period, we efficiently cover your quality issues. Our skilled personnel, established protocols, and escalation channels promptly address your concerns, maintaining the highest level of quality and service.

With our unwavering on-site support and unified point of contact, we streamline your operations, minimize quality issues, and optimize your overall partnership experience.

What kind of reporting software do you have?

The “normal” answer:

We use our phone’s email program to let you know about quality issues.

The best answer:

Real-Time Reporting

Our Quality Alert system ensures prompt dissemination of information to multiple stakeholders, including you as the supplier and our network of resident engineers across various automotive OEMs. This proactive approach serves two crucial purposes: safeguarding part quality and enabling early detection and resolution of potential issues.

By sharing Quality Alerts with you swiftly and transparently, you are immediately informed about identified concerns. This empowers you to take swift action, conduct investigations, and implement corrective measures, reinforcing our commitment to collaboration and maintaining high product quality.

Simultaneously, extending the reach of Quality Alerts to our network of resident engineers fosters a collaborative environment. This allows for shared knowledge and experiences, proactively assessing quality risks and intervening early in the process. By addressing issues at their inception, we collectively minimize the likelihood of problems affecting production, performance, or OEM satisfaction.

This interconnected network promotes a culture of continuous improvement and shared responsibility. It facilitates the exchange of best practices, lessons learned, and innovative solutions among resident engineers and supplier partners. Together, we enhance your ability to deliver superior quality, exceeding OEM expectations.


Daily & Weekly Summaries

Our proprietary software can send you daily or weekly reports, which combine all of the data that our resident liaisons gather from each OEM. These summaries include, but are not limited to,

  • Daily summaries
  • Quality Alerts or Near Misses Issued
  • Any proactive audits being performed
  • Additional hours submitted
  • And more!

How are you proactively identifying quality issues?

The “normal” answer:

We check the quality table two or three times a day and as soon as something is flagged, we start piece inspections as needed.

The best answer:

A resident engineer takes a proactive approach in identifying quality issues by actively monitoring and assessing various stages of the production process. Here are some key strategies they employ:

Process Monitoring: Resident engineers closely observe the manufacturing processes involved in producing the parts supplied by the supplier. They analyze the process parameters and perform regular line-side audits to ensure compliance with quality standards and specifications.

Supplier Collaboration: Resident engineers foster strong partnerships with suppliers, maintaining open lines of communication. They engage in regular OEM meetings and audits to assess the supplier’s capabilities, processes, and quality control measures. By working together, they can address potential issues, share best practices, and ensure alignment in quality objectives.

Training and Education: Resident engineers stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in quality management. They undergo training programs to enhance their knowledge and skills, enabling them to proactively identify new quality risks and implement relevant preventive measures.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Resident engineers collaborate with various departments within the OEM, such as the manufacturing and quality assurance teams. This interdisciplinary collaboration helps identify potential quality issues at the earliest stages, as different perspectives and expertise are brought together to assess the product and process.


If you’re tired of getting “normal” answers, it’s time to engage with Team Quality Services to always get the best answers for all of your Quality Liaison / Resident Engineering needs in North America and Europe.

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