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Analyzing quality data and trends with Qnet’s™ Powerful Analytics Engine

Let’s face it: maintaining standards in today’s automotive industry is hard. You’re shipping to multiple OEMs, you have ever-changing standards, and you can’t be everywhere at once. Qnet™ by Team Quality Services helps you by having eyes and ears at every plant you ship to. Not only that, but Qnet™ also has a powerful analytics engine that delivers real-time insights, helping organizations make informed decisions, reduce non-conformances, and enhance overall product quality.


🔓Unlocking Real-Time Information:

Qnet’s proprietary software connects organizations with their resident liaisons, sort teams, and inspection services. By leveraging the Qnet technology, quality managers and engineers gain instant access to real-time information, allowing them to address potential quality issues promptly. With over 150 field representatives utilizing the platform, every location that receives shipped products is alerted to potential quality concerns, ensuring a networked approach to isolating and resolving problems.

⚠️Effective Notifications, Instant Communication:

Qnet goes beyond traditional methods of communication by providing instant notifications of quality alerts. Rather than waiting for end-of-day reports or notifications the next day, Qnet delivers real-time messaging notifications directly to users’ devices. This enables efficient and effective communication between quality teams and resident liaisons, eliminating the delays that can impede timely resolutions. Additionally, Qnet’s messaging functionality allows for the exchange of attachments, voice memos, and more, streamlining communication channels and ensuring clarity.

💽Harnessing the Power of Analytics:

One of the key features of Qnet is its powerful analytics engine. Organizations can access comprehensive analytics on locations’ quality issues, savings, and part return information. This enables quality managers to gain in-depth insights into performance trends and identify locations that may require additional attention or improvement. Armed with this information, organizations can allocate resources strategically, target efforts towards underperforming locations, and ultimately optimize the entire quality management process.

📈Sharing Reports and Collaborating:

Qnet not only facilitates data analysis but also promotes collaboration within quality teams. Location reports can be easily shared with staff members, enabling seamless information sharing and fostering collective decision-making. By leveraging Qnet’s reporting capabilities, teams can proactively address quality issues, identify areas of improvement, and work towards continuous quality enhancement throughout the supply chain.

With Qnet’s powerful analytics engine, organizations can unlock the full potential of their quality management processes. Real-time information, effective notifications, and instant communication channels ensure that potential quality issues are addressed promptly. Leveraging Qnet’s analytics capabilities provides organizations with actionable insights to drive continuous improvement, mitigate risks, and elevate product quality throughout the supply chain. Embrace Qnet’s technology and embark on a data-driven journey towards exceptional quality standards.

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