The Qnet™ cloud platform provides suppliers & liaisons REAL-TIME information about field quality issues.

How It Works

Proactive Monitoring

On-site liaisons proactively monitor your parts and identify potential quality issues at your customer.

Real-Time Notifications

When your liaison identifies a potential issue, you and your team are instantly notified.

Liaison Investigation

Other liaisons are notified via our mobile app and assess the issue at their location – giving you instant visibility of any other affected customers.

Critical Information Distribution

Easily monitor impact & fallout through issue resolution – across all your customer locations.

Qnet™ Supplier Portal  NEW

Managing field quality issues through email is a thing of the past. Qnet™ also provides suppliers a cloud-based portal to monitor your field quality liaisons and activity.

Real-Time Field Data

No more hours wasted on emails and phone calls. View real-time data on field quality issues, including fallout amounts and photos/videos from the field.

Available When & Where You Are

Qnet allows you to manage your TQS Field Quality Liaisons from one central place, anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Customize Your Notifications

Whether you want instant notifications for every quality issue or prefer a weekly summary report, you can fine tune your notification preferences to get only the notifications you care about.

Add Your Team

Qnet™ gives you granular control over access to your quality data. Add Quality Managers and Engineers, and control what information they can see.

Approve Liaison Requests

Easily review & approve overtime requests from your liaison.

Expand Your Coverage

Quickly & easily expand your TQS liaison network, and get instant, hassle-free pricing for coverage at additional locations.

Powerful Analytics Engine

Identify trends and drill down into quality issue data by part types, service locations, OEMs, and more.

Data Exports

Export data to Excel for use in custom reports or in-house quality management systems.

Liaison Messenger™

Quickly & securely communicate with your liaisons directly from Qnet™. Easily share files, photos, and more. [COMING SOON]