QNet | Team Quality Services

Designed and developed by TQS, Qnet is a web-based application built to improve communication between Field Quality Representatives (FQR) and the clients they represent.

The software shows where quality issues are happening, in real time – by plant location, customer location, and corporate division.

You get alerts as issues happen. It helps you prioritize responses, so the right issues are handled at the right time. Historical data lets you analyze data and report.



  • Issues categorized and recorded by the FQR on-site into the application.
  • Real-Time Information – Notifications with data and photos sent immediately to your computer or smart phone.
  • Critical Information Distribution – Information is shared automatically among other FQR’s and designated members of your team to quickly assess their situation and prevent further issues at other plants or service locations.
  • Quality Issue Dashboards – Powerful data mining capabilities through on-line, interactive report applications for trending and prioritizing issues by part, plant, supplier or customer.


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