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The backbone of the automotive industry is automotive quality testing. Both checking for and identifying nonconforming parts is a critical aspect of the manufacturing process. It must be done, both for the safety of the final customer and the security of your bottom line. That is not a question. What is up for discussion, however, is who is actually going to carry out those important tasks.

You have a few different options. Let’s dig a bit deeper into how automotive quality testing can be handled, as well as which option is the right one for your Tier I Supplier.

The Risks of Handling Automotive Quality Testing on Your Own

In far too many organizations, automotive quality testing is simply yet another task handled by the Quality Engineers within the facility. If your company falls into this category currently, you probably already know all too well the downsides of this option. 

When Quality Engineers are also in charge of quality control and communications at the OEM, it is extremely disruptive to their day. Without someone physically at the factory, Quality Engineers are called upon for meetings, phone calls, and other quality concerns. If an issue of nonconformity is found, everything is put on hold and they must rush out of town to handle it. 

Tier 1 Quality Managers and Quality Engineers have a lot on their plate. While the job pays well and is incredibly rewarding when things are going smoothly, the stress levels can be overwhelming at times. Remember, there’s more to life than just having a successful product launch. When a problem arises and you’re the only one who can handle it, it wreaks havoc on your life. Does this happen to you? If so, know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your quality of life largely depends on maintaining a healthy work/life balance. This means leaving work and being physically, mentally, and emotionally present outside of your job – seeing your family and friends, eating and sleeping enough, and enjoying hobbies. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice everything else in your life for the sake of a successful product launch. 

Not Just Any Third-Party Vendor Will Do

Finding solutions for recurring nonconformities on your own is overwhelming. That’s not to say outsourcing automotive quality testing is the solution and you can put the conversation to rest. Quality engineers across the automotive industry regularly use inspectors from sorting companies in order to alleviate the burden associated with quality inspections. This is a good place to start, but far from the only or even best way to manage quality control. What you truly need is to partner with TQS.

We are not inspectors from a sorting company! TQS and our team of Quality Liaisons are different. We handle inspections and representation in the form of automotive quality assurance.

We work within a wider team of your staff members to ensure that the final vehicles being shipped to dealerships across the country are safe, reliable, and meet customer expectations. We do this while also keeping the entire manufacturing process as productive, effective, and cost-efficient as possible. We work alongside multiple teams throughout the manufacturing process, including the design and launch team, assembly team, and the quality engineers themselves. If there’s a problem, we handle it and inform you of the ongoing situation. You’re always knowledgeable, but never put on the spot.

What Makes TQS Stand Out?

No one else can do what we do, so when you need quality on-site representation, look no further than the Quality Liaisons from TQS. We bring unique benefits to the table that others simply can’t offer, including:

#1 Team Coverage

We have multiple representatives in the same OEM. This means when you bring us on board, we’re already there. Our Quality Liaisons’ work doesn’t start when production does. In fact, we’re typically there months in advance of a new product launch, working with the OEM so the early days of production are as smooth as possible. We’re there to help prepare for the start of production and perfect your automotive quality control techniques, meaning there’s no ramp up period for you. It also means if one Quality Liaison is out for an illness or day off, someone else is there in their place. You’re never without representation.

#2 Technology

A Quality Liaison will handle reporting to you via our platform, Qnet. Through Qnet, you can identify trends and drill down into quality issue data by part types, service locations, OEMs, and more. This cloud platform provides you with real-time information about field quality issues. Imagine no more hours wasted on emails and phone calls. Once you begin using our Qnet software, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. 

#3 Geographic Reach

Our network of Quality Liaisons are in every OEM in North America. No one else can say that. This means no matter where you’re shipping your parts, you can take advantage of on-site Quality Liaisons who proactively monitor your parts and identify potential quality issues. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Through our technology, communication among the reps is easy and fast. One member of the TQS team is able to tell other reps in other OEMs about an issue and handle it proactively. It’s just one more way we’re working on your behalf. 

Our Core Values

Team First
Humble Confidence 
Can-Do Attitude 

These separate us from the rest. We’re living and working by our core values, which also means we’re hiring higher-quality professionals compared to other companies. For one, all of our Quality Liaisons are Six Sigma certified and a Green Belt™ at minimum. Six Sigma is a process using statistics and data analysis to analyze and then reduce errors and defects. A Six Sigma Green Belt™ is a professional who is well versed in the core to advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma Methodology and is able to lead improvement projects. This is standard for our company, but not across the board in the industry. There is no other company similar to Team Quality Services in North America that meets this standard.

Because of the more stringent qualifications that we require, we have a higher level of staff here at Team Quality Services. This leads to a more proficient level of communicating with you, as well as the ability to drive quality improvements. A competitor may have an employee with the same education, background, and experience as our Quality Liaison, but what makes us different is we hire, promote, and recognize employees based on our core values. Your Quality Liaison has a stake in your success! 

We’re constantly focused on continuous improvement and take pride in working as an internal part of your team. We can do it autonomously, as this is a part of our core processes. When issues arise, we go through this process to understand the root cause of the issue and solve it. You won’t find this from anyone else, especially not a run-of-the-mill sorting company. 

Learn More About The Benefits of Partnering With TQS 

The first step to better handling automotive quality testing is by clicking the button below and learning more about what we can do for you. Here at TQS, we like to say, “We’re there so you don’t have to be!”. That is because while quality assurance is incredibly important, it doesn’t have to take over your entire life. If you’re able to find the right OEM representation, someone else can be your eyes and ears away from your facility. 

Download our easy-to-understand infographic to see how your days can (and should!) be different.