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Why Your Automotive Quality Control Plan Should Begin Before the Manufacturing Process Itself


In the automotive industry, there’s never a lull for long. It seems like every few months, new production on a vehicle begins. Because our industry is so fast-paced, it can feel difficult to handle an automotive quality control plan in a proactive manner. You may feel you’re barely keeping up with what needs to be done today; you don’t have the capacity to think too far down the line.


This line of thinking is a common one, but a mistake nonetheless. Not only is it essential that you address quality control before production begins, but it also doesn’t need to add another burden to your already-busy workday. Let’s dig in deeper to learn more. 

How TQS Can Help

Imagine if all of the compliance issues, meetings, communications, sorting, and automotive quality control procedures were handled with expertise – not by you, but a team of proven experts. That is precisely what a Quality Liaison from TQS brings to the table. We provide on-site support for Tier I Automotive Suppliers throughout the entire production process. 

A Quality Liaison will handle:

  • On-site Investigation and Fault Analysis
  • Professional Relationships With OEM Personnel
  • Proactive Identification of Quality Concerns
  • OEM Staff Meetings
  • Reporting to You Via our Platform, Qnet
  • Coordination of Sorting and Containment
  • Assistance with Special Shipments

We’re at the OEM, so you don’t have to be. When you hire TQS to tackle the needed quality control methods in the automotive industry, you can expect long-term solutions to your core quality issues, increased cost avoidances, and peace of mind when the start date of production actually arrives. The only question that remains is, when should you bring on the services of a Quality Liaison?

When Should TQS be Brought In?

We can answer this question in two ways, actually. First, we should be brought in as soon as possible. In fact, pre-production is the ideal time to bring on the services of a TQS Quality Liaison, because this early support could be the difference between a successful product launch or new business hold. It’s our mission to do the work that makes your job a little easier, including line walks for proactive monitoring, handling meetings at the OEM, skilled negotiation and fault analysis, and more.

However, it’s important to point out at this point that our Quality Liaisons don’t need to actually be “brought in” at all. Our Quality Liaisons’ work doesn’t start when production does. We’re already there! Our team works alongside the OEM personnel for several months to help prepare for the start of production and perfect your automotive quality control techniques. If you want to tap into our expertise and quality assurance processes, pre-production is the time to do so. 

Saleable vs. Non-Saleable

Building vehicles as complex as the cars and trucks we see on the road today is a massive undertaking and involves a slow ramp up. Before production begins, the OEM is building prototype vehicles. Eventually, vehicles become “saleable”- meaning they are going to a dealership. Yes, they are pre-production but at the height of a quality level where an end consumer can buy and drive them. It is crucial to have TQS on-site working on your behalf before this important distinction.

Punitive damages for manufacturing and shipping noncompliant parts is minimal during the early prototype development stage. It’s more or less expected that the very first batch of parts you create will need some tweaking. That is why they’re building the prototypes, to see what the problems are. The vehicles are deemed “saleable”  when everything needs to be 100% right. This is when punitive damages start and the time for noncompliance is over.

Making Good Use of Ramp-up Time

Many of today’s new models are vastly different from those even a few years ago. This is especially true in terms of fuel economy, switching from gasoline-powered to electric, technological features, and more. These big changes require a massive overhaul in the production process, giving everyone a break in between when parts need to be made. 

A new launch of this nature is a big enough change in direction to warrant needing new services from TQS. You may have never manufactured parts for an electric vehicle before. An automotive quality control checklist, expertly developed and handled by a Quality Liaison, ensures you’re making the most of the weeks and months before production begins on a brand new vehicle.

You want our team to be there to receive the first batch of parts shipped to the OEM. This way, we are able to stop any nonconformity issues before more parts are created and shipped incorrectly. The Quality Liaison can work off of an automotive quality control checklist, provided by you, to verify certain features on every part shipped to the OEM. This is done pre-production, as it is incredibly important but not realistically scalable during production. 

The Benefits of Taking a Proactive Approach

Waiting too long, meaning when the vehicles are deemed saleable, means you’re running the risk of noncompliance and punitive damages. The Quality Liaisons are already on-site, so there’s no reason to delay. While we can get to work on your behalf quickly, we can’t guarantee there will be availability once production has already begun.

As we truly dedicate ourselves to each and every client and act as an internal member of the Tier I Automotive Supplier’s team, there is limited capacity at each OEM. Our availability fills up quickly in the weeks leading up to a new product launch. You may not have access to a Quality Liaison when you’re underwater like you would have if you hired TQS before production began. If we don’t have any capacity available, you may find yourself really scrambling and wishing you had taken a more proactive approach to quality control. 

How Quickly can TQS be There?

We limit capacity because we take our dedication to each customer incredibly seriously. The quality of our services is never compromised, despite the fact that we are in high demand. All of this being said, know that we can be there whenever you need us to be, as long as we have the capacity to do so. Whether production begins in a month or started last week, it’s not too late to benefit from what our Quality Liaisons can provide. 

In short, don’t wait to bring in a Quality Liaison or you may be left to handle noncompliance issues on your own. Rather than take that chance, reach out to our team about hiring our Quality Liaisons to be on-site for you, working on your behalf. Click the button below to learn more.

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