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Standard Scope of Services for Representation, Liaison, and Resident Engineering Services

These terms were last updated on October 27, 2023

This is a supplement to the TQS Customer Agreement (the “Agreement”) which can be found at

In accordance with the conditions set forth in the Agreement, we will provide quality liaison services at the service location designated on the Order, consistent with the following responsibilities and expectations.

Except where prohibited by the service location, our quality liaison(s) shall make every effort to:

1. Proactively monitor the quality of your parts at the Service Location.
2. Respond to quality issues at the Service Location, including investigation, analysis, verification, and documentation of the quality issue or Service Location concern.
3. Setup, monitor, and report on inspection/containment activity for your parts at the Service Location.
4. Communicate quality issues, actions taken, service location concerns, and other daily activities to you and also document in Qnet™.
5. Arrange for parts to be returned to you, when requested by you.
6. Assist with negotiation of rejected material disposition, status, and/or avoidance, when directed by Customer.
7. Assist with quality support for pre-launch and launch activities, including the monitoring of pre-production activities and validation builds.

Notable Exclusions
The Services provided by us explicitly excludes the following duties:

– Active involvement with inspection/containment activities for extended periods of time, except in a monitoring capacity as specified above.

– Routine travel that exceeds ten (10) miles outside of the defined service location listed on the Order.

In the event that such duties are requested by you, you may incur an additional cost and/or billable time, in which case we will require your advance written approval.