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Caleb Cockerham-Willis

Field Quality Representative




Caleb has over 4 years of experience in the automotive industry, working alongside much of the quality and production team at Toyota Princeton. He has experience working with a diverse set of parts that range from weld body parts (brackets, fuel lids, etc.) to parts on the final body of the vehicle (Bumper covers, Wheel flairs, etc.) He's consistently striving to provide the best work possible for the customers he works alongside.


Princeton, IL, USA

Want Caleb as your Resident Engineer?

Specialized Commodities


All TQS Quality Liaisons are trained on:

Workplace saftey for manufacturing environments
Location-specific safety requirements
Part-specific training for the suppliers they represent
Anti-harassment & inclusive workplace practices
Use of basic measurment tools (calipers, micrometers, etc.)
OEM's quality processes (e.g. GM's SPPS process)



Layered resources provide unmatched protection & support

By having a layered approach, your coverage is no longer limited to one resident engineer. You’ll now be covered by the entire team at an OEM location. 

Team coverage for layered protection of your parts

Each location ensures you are still protected if someone takes a day off. 


Qnet keeps customers & liaisons connected in real-time

Designed and Developed by TQS, Qnet brings real-time information from you on-site resident engineers to the palm of your hand. 

A must have tool for all tier 1 automotive quality managers and engineers.

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