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This page contains important steps to complete your application to join our Team.

Your Hiring Journey

Find a position that matches your skills? Let us know you are interested by applying online. Please ensure you attach your resume with skills and qualifications that match the job description.

Assessments are used to help identify suitable candidates as well as provide a better understanding of your professional skills.

If your experience and qualifications fit the profile we are looking for, you will be invited to an interview with our Recruiter. You will have the opportunity to meet others on the team and decide if you are a good culture fit. During this time, a more in-depth review of your resume and expertise will take place. Please note that different positions may require additional phone or in-person interviews.

If you have been selected for the role, the Human Resources Department will reach out and provide you with an offer.

Upon receipt of your offer letter acceptance, the Human Resources Department will provide you a link to start the onboarding experience. Throughout this time, you and the Human Resources Department will work closely together to ensure a successful first day.

Haven’t Applied Yet?

Check out our Careers page for more information and current openings.

(You’ll come back to this page once you apply for an open position.)

Predictive Index™ Behavioral Assessment

Est. Time to Complete: 10 minutes
As part of our hiring process, we ask all candidates to take the Predictive Index™ behavioral assessment. This helps us make sure we are putting the RIGHT PEOPLE in the RIGHT SEATS, and in a seat that aligns with their natural strengths and behaviors. Select a job position to access the appropriate assessment:

Team Quality Services treats their employees like family. They highly value work-life balance and truly invest in their people. They encourage personal growth and advancement, and they have a fun