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Top 3 Qualities of a Resident Liaison

In the fast-paced world of automotive support, a Resident Liaison’s success hinges on a few core qualities. We’ve narrowed that list down to 3 areas we’ve seen success proven out time and time again.


Let’s explore a few of the areas where we know what will help in building an exceptional Resident Liaison:

1. Auto Savvy: Know Your Parts, Know Your Stuff

Mastering the nitty-gritty of automotive quality and parts is non-negotiable. An adept Resident Liaison navigates challenges with a deep understanding of the industry, ensuring efficient problem-solving and instilling confidence in stakeholders. Team Quality Services’ reps are cross-trained at your locations, ensuring that you’re always covered by the best.

2. OEM Whisperer: Building and Nurturing Relationships

Exceptional Resident Liaisons are great at relationship building. They don’t just manage relationships; they cultivate them. This skill positions them to anticipate challenges, collaborate effectively between the supplier and the OEM, and foster symbiotic partnerships. A Tier-1 Supplier recently said this about one of Team Quality Services’ reps: “Malcus has a great relationship with the plant staff at Spring Hill & has been a fantastic value add for [us]!”

3. Talk the Talk: Consistent, Clear Communication

In the liaison game, communication is king. A top-notch Resident Liaison isn’t just a messenger – they’re the conduit of transparency. Consistent and clear communication from the Rep and between the OEM/Tier 1 prevents misunderstandings, fostering an environment where everyone is on the same page, working towards a shared goal: Quality.

Want to learn more about what makes a high-class resident liaison? Check out more below.

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