• are you continuously

    irritated with charge backs?

    If you are frustrated that you don't have the time to visit customers, or wish you had a better relationship, Team Quality Services can help.

    find your on-site representative today!
  • do you have sorts that run clean for weeks

    only to find a reject before the job ends?

    Do you trust the inspection company you are currently using? If not, Team Quality Services is here to help contain, fix and prevent quality issues 24/7.

    learn more about our parts inspection service
  • do you need someone with specific

    expertise on a quality project?

    If you find yourself not having the resource or the time to find and hire someone, Team Quality Services has the experience to help.

    learn more about our contract engineering service
  • do you need assurance that

    what you order is what you get?

    We provide a 3rd party validation of the products you order and can help keep up with your supplier base, with a certified team trained to work across all industries.

    learn more about our parts inspection service
  • do you have the expertise or equipment to

    get the measurement data you need?

    Team Quality Services is an accredited 17025 lab providing 3rd party validation measurements to verify a part, product or gauge.

    learn more about our lab services
  • are you confident that

    you could pass an OSHA audit?

    If your safety plan hasn't been reviewed in over a year, Team Quality Services needs to take a look.

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  • Online and on-site

    OSHA Safety Training Classes

    We provide both 10-hour and 30-hour classes where attendees receive training from an OSHA-authorized instructor.

    Learn More About Our Training Courses

whatever the task, tqs is on it.

Team Quality Services provides quality inspection and on-site representation services for suppliers, their customers and their suppliers at facilities around the world.
No matter the quality issue, we have the technical expertise to solve it 24/7.