Jocelyn Mainberger

Field Quality Representative

Jocelyn has been in the automotive quality world since 2002, working alongside suppliers and OEM staff. He has experience in project management and planning, technical negotiation, and overseeing programs necessary for continuous improvement. Additionally, he has worked with a diverse range of technical part knowledge, from plastics (injection and molding), metal stamping, aluminum welding, and gluing process qualifications.

Meet Jocelyn Mainberger


Alstom TIS, Quality Field OP

  • Ensure an understanding of the quality installation interface on the site (especially with INFRA France quality); Set up and update progress monitoring indicators
  • Manage and follow-up of internal or external contacts and report to the customer
  • Manage FAIs
  • Oversee handoffs between Installation and Test & Commissioning and the distribution of related reports
  • Realize project inspection (warehouse, installation) and Manage Test & Commissioning)
  • Conduct management inspections in stores
  • Produce a weekly report to the project’s PrQSM and to the site manager
  • Prepare and present ‘site quality’ reporting at monthly installation meeting
  • Prepare internal and external installation audits and follow the action plans associated with these audits

Hitachi Europe Limited, Supplier Quality Manager 

  • Managed communications and expectations of SQE
  • Oversaw audits of part quality
  • Maintain supplier FAI
  • Followed the processes forNon-Conformity
  • Ensured 8D analyses

Itron GMBH Karlsruhe, Supplier Quality Manager

  • Managed SQA team (2 Engineers and 2 Technicians)
  • Oversaw customer audits and ISO/ATEX audits
  • Managed the pre-audits aiming to the selection + qualification of new suppliers
  • PPAP Management
  • Designed and implemented validation processes
  • Customer claims management and sorting as needed
  • Oversaw the non-conformities/8D management for suppliers
  • Developed COMEX and Improvement Plans with suppliers

Continental Emitec Gmbh, Supplier Quality Manager 

  • Manged Quality Department (4 Engineers, 5 Technicians, and 14 Operators)
  • Established a Quality Policy focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Defined objectives for quality / time/ cost
  • Organized and monitored audits, internal and external, with Quality, Safety, and Environment repositories
  • Project management of products, industrial, quality, and organizational with the constitution of multidisciplinary teams
  • Prepare the PPAP for the qualifications of new projects
  • Managed the customer and supplier’s non-conformities

Johnson Control S.A.Creuztwald, Launch Mansager at Porsche 

  • Management of project department (3 Engineers and 4 Technicians)
  • Customer request management
  • Supply of prototype components and management of the validation
  • Design of validation processes
  • Management of the introduction of the modification in serial production (pre-production, process series preparation, etc)
  • Validation serial subcomponents by the suppliers and process validation
  • Serial tooling and equipment approval
  • Serial process approval with the customer
  • Tooling modifications management


  • Six Sigma
  • PFMEA Training
  • LEAN Manufacturing
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • ISO 9001 Training
  • PPAP
  • Engineering Degree

All TQS Quality Liaisons are trained on:

  • Workplace safety for manufacturing environments
  • Location-specific safety requirements
  • Part-specific training for the suppliers they represent
  • Anti-harassment & inclusive workplace practices
  • Use of basic measurement tools (calipers, micrometers, etc.)
  • OEM’s quality processes (e.g. GM’s SPPS process)

Get peace of mind with the TQS difference:

All of our Field Quality Representatives are rigorously screened and continuously trained. Across the globe, customers can expect a consistent level of service from each and every one of their TQS on-site liaisons.

Liaison Network

Unmatched coverage across global OEM locations.


Our proprietary Qnet™ software connects liaisons and customers in real-time.

Team Coverage

Multiple liaisons & support resources working together to ensure protection & quality.

Qnet™ Technology

Managing field quality issues through email is a thing of the past.

Real-Time Field Data

No more hours wasted on emails and phone calls. View real-time data on field quality issues, including fallout amounts and photos/videos from the field.

Available When & Where You Are

Other liaisons are notified via our mobile app and assess the issue at their location – giving you instant visibility of any other affected customers.

Proactive Investigation

When one of your liaisons identifies an issue, other liaisons are notified via our mobile app and assess the issue at their location – giving you instant visibility of any other affected customers.

Powerful Analytics Engine

Identify trends and drill down into quality issue data by part types, service locations, OEMs, and more.

A day in the life of our liaisons:

On-site Investigation & Fault Analysis
Established, Professional Relationships with OEM Personnel
Proactively Identifying Quality Concerns
Participate in OEM Staff Meetings
Real-Time Reporting via Qnet™
Critical Information Distribution to Other Liaisons
Coordinate Sorting & Containment
Scrap Claim Monitoring & Negotiation
Training to Understand Your Parts & Processes
Assist with Special Shipments

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