Need to free up floor space for new products? Engineering changes resulted in value-added assembly?

Partnering with Team Quality Services frees up valuable resources so you can focus on your core competencies.

When you partner with TQS for your warehouse solutions, you can expect rapid quoting so that you’re able to select a partner quickly, a quick startup which allows us to launch projects in days, not months, and world-class execution with lean processes and production controls.

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    Rapid Quoting: enables you to select a partner quickly.
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    Quick Startup: allows us to launch projects in days, not months.
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    World-Class Execution: with LEAN processes and production controls.

The TQS Difference

Quick Start-Up 
We can quote, setup, launch, and scale rapidly so you can meet your objectives rapidly.

Diverse Capabilities 
Across industries, we specialize in kitting, rework, and light value-add assembly.

Flexible Scalability
Flexible space & employee personnel solutions to adapt to your challenges.