TQS is committed to engaging with our local communities and giving back to those in need. Here are initiatives we are proud to support:

Animal Welfare

We support animal shelters, humane organizations, rescue groups, and other nonprofit organizations that promote healthy lives for animals.

Youth Development & Entrepreneurship

We support nonprofit organizations who work to enhance educational opportunities for youth and promote the growth of our communities through economic development initiatives. We also support nonprofit organizations that create better health and better community for youth with the greatest need and least economic opportunity.

Employee Causes & Interests

We support philanthropic efforts of TQS employees to nonprofits and organizations in which they are involved with.

TQS proudly supports
  • Junior Achievement
  • Youth Athletics and Academics
  • Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
  • United Way
  • Pet Rescue & Foster Programs
  • Tri-Kappa of DeKalb County
  • causes close to our employees' hearts

Junior Achievement’s purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. TQS volunteers work with schools/students ranging from 1st grade to high-school, providing classroom mentoring and career preparation. With the help of the JA Program, TQS is committed to affect positive change in community graduation rates, workforce talent, and greater financial and entrepreneurial education for young adults.

Inspired in part by the TV show Shark Tank, the program is an opportunity to bring students, community organizations, and business leaders together to promote entrepreneurship and support the talented youth. With the program spearheaded and developed by our President/CEO, Chris Straw, TQS volunteers help to secure scholarships and market the program to local schools and students. For more information, check out the program’s website: LaunchDeKalbCounty.com

HopeLine collects no-longer used wireless phones and accessories to benefit victims of domestic violence. Access to a wireless phone can help victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives, by giving them the means to communicate with family, friends, agency and shelter support staff and current or prospective employers. TQS proudly contributes to the program by donating decommissioned company cell phones to the program for re-use by those in need.

Human-I-T transforms unwanted or inoperative technology into operational and educational tools for the millions in need. Striving to go beyond recycling, the organization provides refurbished technology, digital literacy, and vocational training to as many qualified humans as possible, while providing a responsible way to recycle e-waste. TQS donates older technology equipment like computers and printers to the Human-I-T program. We rest easy knowing that our electronic waste is being handled responsibly and put to good use for those in need.

Is there a cause you’d like us to support?

Click the button below to fill out a form, and our committee will review your request.

We do not support the following:

  • Organizations that discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, ancestry, marital status, disability, or protected veteran status.
  • Events or organizations that we feel condone animal cruelty or the use of animals for inhumane activity.
  • Religious organizations, except for non-sectarian activities.
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Individuals
  • Annual funds for hospitals or colleges/universities
  • Conferences and Seminars